Freedive Gloves

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

I often get asked this question.

What type of dive gloves should I get?

Well, it all depends on what your primary activity is going to be. For example, are you chasing crayfish or just trying to keep your hands warm? Do you require a lot of flexibility (photography) and how often do you freedive?

Heavy duty or more flexible?

If you are after crayfish or into spearfishing, then look into getting a good heavy duty set that will provide protection from sharp spines and abrasive objects. I also look to see if the stitching is sealed, as sharp spines will tear out exposed threads. The downside to these types of gloves though is that they are generally not the most flexible and are at the higher end price tag.

A good example of heavy duty gloves: Ocean Hunter Strike Kevlar

On the other hand, if your just after a bit of exposure protection and not into wrangling lobsters or handling spiky fish, then a set of gloves without heavy reinforcement will do the job well. These gloves are generally a lot more flexible, so are a preferred option for underwater photographers.

How thick?

For diving in Victorian conditions you can get away with a good quality pair of 3mm gloves. I have worn a multitude of different gloves in the 3mm thickness range and can honestly say that some are much warmer than others (some provided no warmth at all). When looking at purchasing your new set of gloves, check the integrity of the material. Is it highly porous? Does it look cheaply made? Are their threads loose?

Other considerations to make are; how deep are you likely to go and what time of year are you diving? If you are also into SCUBA diving, then spending a heap of time at depth during the winter months would more than likely require some thicker gloves. Whereas, if your just into freediving in the warmer months, then perhaps you could comfortably use a thinner set.

Anyway, I hope this helps on your next glove purchase!

Geelong; Victoria, Australia. 

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