Forecast 6.7.19 / 10.7.19

looks like we are in for some good weather and good diving conditions coming up for the weekend and into mid next week with light winds and small swell.

Sat/Sunday: Looking like a really good weekend for getting into the water along the back beaches with favorable light N/NE winds for most of the day Saturday and Sunday coupled with smaller swell. It wont be flat, but should be small enough to get out into some decent areas off the usually exposed beaches. I am tipping that Sunday will be better then Saturday at this stage. Queenscliffe will also be a great option. If you have the ability to get offshore then definitely make the most of it!

Mon: Wind is tending more to the West but dropping in wind speed. Very light westerly winds will be perfect for areas on the western side of the bay and places like Lorne/Apollo Bay/Kennet river areas.

Tuesday: much the same as Monday but with stronger winds in the afternoon. Will still be a good day.

Wednesday: Looking like a good day as well but moderate to strong NW winds might mean that it will be best to stick to a shore dive for this day. With a whole week of good winds and small swell, the vis on Wednesday should be really excellent!

Good luck out there and stay safe, if you get in let me know how you went!!


James. (Gnomad Ocean).

Geelong; Victoria, Australia. 

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