5-day Report 22nd June - 26th and into the week.

Looking a bit hit and miss over the weekend. We have had a lot of rain recently, which is sure to have made the visibility in the bay and offshore average to poor at this point. It will take some time to clear up. Onto the locations...


Saturday and Sunday see's mild to moderate South to South West South West winds with a small period in the morning, indicating some junky conditions. The swell is forecasted at 1 meter from the WSW direction, but this will be variable. At this stage I think the swell is going to be more SW and with a larger swell period than predicted so will likely make the conditions fairly average.


These are the days to look at, very favorable light Northerly winds and swell is likely to be very small to possibly non-existent. Just hope for no rain over the next couple of days to help clean up some of that visibility. Conditions though will be spot on!

St Leonards:

Saturday and Sunday looking like light to moderate cross shore winds from a Southerly direction; with the recent rain most areas of the bay will likely have very poor visibility. Further into the week, the wind will remain relatively the same strength but from a Northerly direction, meaning it will remain cross shore.

Clifton Springs

Saturday and Sunday: With the S/SW winds, Clifton Springs is the pick of the bunch for the weekend. The mild/moderate winds will make this area the most protected for much of the weekend. Visibility will likely be average, but improving rapidly ]throughout the day. Sunday should see some pretty nice conditions. Further into the week, this area will become onshore.. although the wind is predicted to be light, the conditions on the back beaches will be ideal so I would suggest trying your luck out there if you got the time.

The South West (Portland).

Plenty of reports of tuna being caught down there for the previous couple of months, with a close to 80kg fish being speared yesterday. The wind for Saturday and Sunday are looking very good at this stage, with light variable winds predicted for both days. For Mon/Tue/Wed the conditions will remain good to very good with the wind swinging to the N/NW but staying mild with moderate to strong gusts. If your after a tuna, then this week looks very promising to head down there!

Goodluck; and let us know if you get out!!

Geelong; Victoria, Australia. 

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